Exercise rewires the brain and it makes you feel so good

in fitness, personal training

My dear friend recently sent me this article written by neuroscientist, Wendy A. Suzuki - she knew I would love it.  This is what my life’s work is based on. I can't get enough of this wonderfully smart scientist reaffirming what we already know but also giving us even greater reasons to exercise I love this study because it tells us why we should make exercise a part of our daily life but more importantly for the long haul.

The article also looks into the developmental brain and why we all need this - young and old. Suzuki says "Exercise could help students better absorb everything from history lessons to chemistry experiments–and they’d be happier too" - I agree, let's convince our schools to increase physical activity for our kids - I mean duh! How about we encourage assisted living and retirement homes to incorporate a fitness program into what they offer!

This is not a trend my friends - this prescription is here to stay. I know I want less stress, elevated moods, better sleep and a healthy heart. I also want better brain function and an increase in the hippocampal brain cells.  What are those, you ask?  Read this article and you will understand - we are talking long term memory, People!  Also, improvement in our ability to focus as well as other brain functions that you don't want to see disappear with age.  

Here at Studio e we are very fortunate to work with a wide community of people.  Some have neurological impairments due to a stroke or from Alzheimer's disease.  They are walking proof that this stuff really works.  There is a tremendous impact on their quality of life - it is so obvious and it's why they never miss their appointments - I mean this is where it's at!

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