Discovering your fitness journey

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" How do you eat an elephant? bite at a time " ... A dear friend of mine once advised me. And this is true for everything we do want to accomplish during this one life time journey. 

Few people are disciplined and possess self-drive to keep this world spinning in the right direction. For the rest of us, let's say, that we are just gifted differently .

Our well-being depends in great measure by sticking to the right habits. And more often, it is a slow process of self discovery through challenges.

In our fitness journey, it is important to be true to ourselves, and for that matter, some introspection and research have to be done. No worries, there is a map to help us ask the right questions, providing good insights about what kind of super hero awaits to be awaken.

  • Reconciling our present.  Describing one's self, from age, job, family role, time, diet, habits, health, injuries, personality, etc. This is our unique and amazing persona right now, accepting every strength and aspect that we might not feel very proud of, but that are a part of us. Having this understanding of ourselves marks the starting point.  
  • Inspiration.  This is  the gasoline for our journey. Finding what makes the heart roar is the key for staying on track whenever we feel under the weather. What motivates us can be our family, a friend, a special event, etc. and could be as simple as the desire of learning something new or a life changing event where we have to take a more serious regiment toward our life style.
  • Move, move more, move a lot.  Here we are, movement is the stomach of this whole process. Here is where the magic for transformation and growth takes place. It is about unlearning old patterns and being willing to stay out of our comfort zone. Despite how scary this might sound, it is merely the action of moving: going for a breeze walk through downtown, taking a class in a fitness facility, playing more with our kids, being part of a sport team, etc. By doing activities that we enjoy with people that support us, we are being real to ourselves, thus meaning, we are accountable. Remember, we are looking for workouts or physical activities that makes us feel like a million dollars at the end!
  • Put the right fuel in your machinery. Whatever we eat becomes blood cells, muscle fibers, energy, etc. Our diets impact our daily performance through a domino effect of chemical reactions that affect our energy, mind clarity, mood etc. It is important to have three meals and the easy guideline here is quality. It is not about the brand we buy, rather the origins of the ingredients and the cooking process that we should always keep an eye on. Taking a rigid approach in our diets for a long period of time is not recommendable, nor practical. Yet, portion control is a smart way to help us to stick to our goals .
  • Rest.   What time do we go to bed? How many hours do we sleep? Do we feel rested when wake up? Some vigilance in our sleep habits is required in the beginning . But we have to 'pinky' promise to our bed to be in its comfy sheets early. Sleep time is when we burn the excess of calories we couldn't burn out during the day and that happens while the body is self-repairing and the growth hormones kick-in during the REM sleep stage.That's if, we don't go to bed right after having a heavy dinner, thus will keep us in debt with the healing process strenuous on our organs, causing indigestion, gain in weight and a sluggish feeling. 
  • Repeat.   Every day, it is our decisions and intentions that make the change happens. This is a lifetime journey and our happiness is our responsibility.

Now that we have a clearer understanding of our journey  we can tackle this elephant. And while it is fine to have ups and downs, it is not an option to relinquish to be the best of our is mean to be an adventure.

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