breathe in...breathe out

in fitness, Breathing Techniques

As we let go of all the experiences from 2016, we are making space and getting ready to embrace this all brand new year ...  2017!

Some introspection  and self care is necessary, it is a good time to come back to the basics and shed in a new light of whatever knowledge we gained during this journey. Breathing for me it's, my ground zero. And I have found and applied different breathing techniques to be useful. 

So lets explore it:

Belly breathing-

Or Abdominal breathing it focuses in the expansion of the belly rather  than the upper chest. The practice of this technique is helpful to change bad breathing habits. The diaphragm moves to push down abdominal organs , thus creates more room in the ribcage, liberating the lungs to their full capacity.

Coherent breathing-

This technique facilitates blood circulation by balancing the autonomic nervous system. Stephen Elliott called it the "valsalva wave" . involves breathing at the normal rate of five breaths per minute with an equal inhalation and exhalation.

Breath walk-

Combines different patterns of breathing -ratios, intervals, and breath types- that are synchronized with walking steps and meditative  attention. Due its adaptability, many forms of martial arts and sport disciplines utilizes this technique. 

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