Brag On Lisa Taylor!!



Lisa Taylor has set out on a fitness journey and there is no stopping her now.


Lisa began her fitness journey with a goal in mind to better her entire life. She continues to push herself in each and every class. Lisa began working out because she felt that she had become sluggish, both mentally and physically. " I have been taking care of several other people and their needs over the last few years and completely lost sight of myself." Lisa said.  She was ready to take her first step to a better life.

Lisa began working out at Studio e in March of 2017. Just with in five months she has lost six inches over her entire body. As you can see she has CRUSHED it.


Steve is one of the studio's personal and group fitness trainers. When asked about Lisa he said, "I am extremely impressed with Lisa. Her energy, efforts, and enthusiasm is endless. She has such a willingness to attempt anything that’s thrown her way. I believe that is why she will continue to improve herself. Lisa truly leads by example and it’s a real pleasure to be a part of her journey."


We are so proud of her total transformation. She inspires us to be better trainers, and people. We feel so blessed that Lisa chose us, Studio e, to be the one's to go on this journey with her. Lisa's strength and power never cease to amaze us. Her hard work is paying off and we are thrilled for her. She is here for anywhere from four to eight classes a week! She pushes herself to her limits in every class she attends and her transformation it undeniable!


Lisa said," I decided it was time to start taking care of myself for a change. I'm feeling better than I have in years! The hard work is paying off and I can see my body changing!" We can too Lisa and we cannot wait to see you continue to improve!


Lisa wants everyone to know, "If you are thinking about getting in shape, DO IT!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!" 

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