About Cravings

In today's society we are always busy and stressed.  The chemistry of stress tells your body to storage fat. Our life is not in emergency. We need to know what how to .

Six tastes calms our nervous system down.

Sweets- bread, milk, rice, butter, honey.

Sour- cheeses, sour foods.

Salty- salty fries

They calm the body so much that make your body sluggish.

To burn the fat we have to eat the rest of the flavors.

Bitter- they alkaline the body, leafy greens, the fat moving channels are green.

Pungent- purge the body detox the body, Ginger, Radishes, Peppers

Astringent- Beans, Pomegranate, cucumbers, they purify the blood.

At Studio e we are all about balance. We understand that we are all human and we can't always eat the perfect things.  However, we want to always inform our clients with the knowledge to make healthy choices. 

Need support? Let us help! We have our awesome eTrack Meal Plan that will help you find the balance you body is looking for! Give us a call at (706) 982-5090.

Need to sweat it out? We got you! Stop by our classes at either Tiger or Lakemont! See the classes and times on our website. Don’t think group fitness is for you? No problem! Call to find out more about our personal training. 

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