Complimentary Fitness Classes Sponsored by Harry Norman | The Lake Team

Come out and get you day on the water started right! We want to see you all at LaPrade's on Saturday mornings! Take this opportunity to learn about our classes while it's FREE and on the lake! You'll get to take in the amazing view, breath in the fresh air, and better your well-being all at the same time. We are so excited for this opportunity and hope you are able to take full advantage of it!  

All classes will take place from 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. at the LaPrade's Marina Pavilion! Here are the awesome classes you can try out:

Saturday, June 23rd - Strength Conditioning
Improve strength, flecibility, and overall ability. Strength training is an important part to anyone's practice becuase you will burn fat, increase bone density, and build muscle. Instructors offer modifications in all excersices to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Saturday, June 30th - Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Class begins with stretching and warming poses before moving into a few standing flow sequences with options for more or less challenging poses. Seated postures follow and always ending with total relaxation from savasana.

Saturday, July 21st - TRX
TRX stands for TOTAL BODY RESISTANCE EXERCISE. The TRX Suspension system uses gravity and a person’s body weight as the tools to complete the exercise. Using the simple rule of a proper posture and applying this rule to each exercise performed ensures that a safe an effective workout is being achieved. Users will quickly see improvements in core strength, balance and endurance as each of these are building block for continued success. This is the prefect workout for all fitness levels because you are in control of the level of intensity/ The quick compact explosive training works for not only the beginners but all levels of personal fitness goals.

Saturday, August 4th - Mat Flow
We blend movements from pilates, yoga, and PiYo. It creates balance, core strength, flexibility, and unique breathing techniques. This class is designed to challenge your core stability without high impact movements.

Please contact Studio e at or call 706.982.5090 to reserve your spot! We will see you there!!

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