Holly Cabe and her Amazing transformation!



If you are privileged to enough to know this woman then you are likely familiar with her drive and dedication in all she does. Holly Cabe has been training at Studio e for the past 18 months. We have watched her journey and are here today to give her a big shout of praise. It is so inspiring to witness this lady smile from ear-to-ear when she is with us.

She has more energy, she is empowered, her quality of life has improved greatly and it is all the result of hard work along with an excellent attitude and it shows.  She looks and feels amazing!

Transformation takes time and patience.  Learn to fall in love with the journey! Thank you Holly, for giving us the chance to sweat with you!

Holly’s results:

Total inches lost - 20 inches

Total pounds lost -  55 lbs

For many reasons, we don't like to emphasize weight too much here at Studio e.  What we find most important is how you feel and look in your clothes. Body composition changes in different ways for different people. Fat turns into muscle (which weighs more than fat).  When you workout regularly you become stronger and your body shifts into proportion. Losing permanent weight is difficult and is a combination of exercise and nutrition. In our opinion, exercise is the more fun component to this wellness formula.  From our point of view, one cannot exist without the other. Well structured exercise, specifically cardiovascular intensive activities that keep one’s heart rate elevated can greatly boost fat burning. Physical exercise releases endorphins (thoses feel good feels!) elevates mood in addition to being a wonderful emotional outlet. Regardless of the workout, staying fit leaves you feeling energized, provides increased mental clarity and re-tunes the nervous systems in order to be more in balance.

As we age, our physical health is more at risk. It only gets harder y’all!

That is why we are so proud of Holly for her strong display of commitment and dedication. She did it for herself and so should you!

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