Sharron's Story



Sharron Taylor is a great example of drive and dedication. As one of our esteemed personal training clients, Sharron’s commitment to herself has been an inspiration to us all.  Sharron’s fitness journey began at Studio e in November, 2016. She is a dedicated teacher, loving mother of three, and wife with a fierce spirit that embraces challenge. Two months into personal training, she was elated to discover her pregnancy with her third child Grady.

Through her pregnancy, Sharron remained committed to her physical health and wellness. It’s apparent that she correlates her personal wellness to the quality and longevity of her family and home life.

Since she has started, she has dropped 85 pounds and 4 pant sizes! Just look at her; her transformation is palpable. In addition, she has gained overall strength, muscle definition, flexibility, and improved posture. Her fitness routine is comprised of a great variety that includes, Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, HIIT, Kickboxing, Indoor Cycling, Weight Lifting, and TRX.   

Favorite quote: You only fail when you stop trying. Just keep showing up!

Favorite exercise: Weightlifting, though she loves variety!

We can proudly say that baby Grady gestated while Sharron was training here at the Studio, and her pregnancy was easy, being the breeziest of the labors and swiftest of her recoveries.  Special care and consideration were taken and delivered in the structure of her training.

Studio e takes serious pride in keeping our clients motivated within a safe and controlled environment. As professional trainers we were adamant of monitoring healthy Heart Rate ratios indicated by Sharron’s personal doctor and tailoring to a wide range of formats to overcome postpartum blues.

At the end of her sessions Sharron leaves the Studio aglow, with a big smile and full of energy to finish the day. She encourages every woman to give themselves permission to refill their own tank by doing what is necessary to recharge. She is a firm believer in going the extra mile, making the investment in yourself and experiencing the benefits of working with a personal trainer.

Sharron did it for herself and her family and you should too.

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