We are a personal training and group fitness studio with a unique approach to conditioning the body and empowering the mind. Our goal is to forever improve the quality of life for our clients. 

Our instructors focus on core conditioning through calisthenics, cardio, flexibility and strength training using free weights in addition to a variety of other dynamic fitness tools. If you are interested in getting in shape, receiving excellent and safe instruction, trying new and innovative exercises... don’t hesitate, you’ll find it here! 

We welcome all levels of fitness! Whether you are a beginner that has never stepped foot in a group fitness environment or a seasoned athlete, we have something for you. Our instructors bring experience, enthusiasm and individualized instruction for all who attend, so every class facilitates a safe and down to earth environment to sweat, have fun and meet new people.

Elisa Hopkins

Owner & Instigator

    Hometown:  New York City / New Orleans 

    Certification:  Nesta Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certificate Community Exercise for People with Parkinson’s Disease, CPR-AED Certified​​.

    Favorite Exercise:  Man Makers - 2 walking lunges, deep squat, burpee with 2 pushups, return to deep squat, overhead press. Use a set of 12 - 25 lb weights.​

    I have been the owner of Studio e for six years. I began my fitness journey long ago in my college years.  I was not much of an athlete in my younger years, but after moving out West to one of our nation's greatest outdoor playgrounds, I fell in love with the challenge and thrill of extreme sports. After leaving Colorado and dealing with severe knee surgeries, I fell in love with group fitness and personal training. My heart has become totally invested in helping others achieve their goals and improved lifestyles here at Studio e. I have personally undergone two reconstructive knee surgeries, among various other injuries over the years. Those experiences have taught me the most effective way to handle injuries with my clients. I strive to bring excitement and encouragement to all of my classes and sessions. I hope my love for this can inspire others to reach for their own dreams. 

    Kristi Matheson

    Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

      Hometown:    Clayton, GA
      Certification:  NAFC Personal Trainer and Group Fitness, ACE Step Instructor, Sports Injury Certified, Battle Rope Certification, CPR-AED Certified

      Favorite Exercise:  Barbell Back Squats

      ​As a Rabun County native, I grew up enjoying many outdoor activities.  However as I grew older, I slowed down and began to feel the effects of stress and excess weight.  In 2006 I decided to take my health and fitness more seriously.  Consistent exercise and a balanced diet helped me lose the weight and left me feeling healthier and happier.  With the encouragement of others and support from my family, I studied and obtained my Personal Training Certification in order to help others achive their health and fitness goals.

      Megan Marlene Moran

      Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, RYT

        Hometown- Atlanta, GA

        Certification- 200 Hour Yoga Alliance RYT, NESTA Personal Trainer, CPR-AED, Wilderness First Aid, & Swift Water Rescue-Rescue 3 International.

        Favorite exercise move- Pigeon pose!

        Attending college outside of Asheville in Western North Carolina exposed me to the plethora of natural beauty in the Southern Appalachians and instilled within me a deep sense of connection, stewardship and gratitude for the outdoors. 
        My practice has rooted from a deep need of my own to empower and soothe myself through yoga, personal fitness, and a holistic approach to wellness, and thus I wish to facilitate the same for others. I love trail running through Black Rock State Park, mountain biking around Stonewall Creek and swimming in the majestic wild and scenic Chattooga River! I feel so blessed to call these mountains my home.

        Christa Wilson

        Yoga Instructor


          Hometown: Naples, FL / Mountain Rest, SC

          Certification: Yoga Alliance 200 Hr YTT, 500 hr YTT in progress, First Aid / CRP certified

          Favorite Exercise: Hiking

          My yoga journey began when I was 17 years old with a video my mom brought home. She lost interest quickly, but I proceeded to do the recorded practice every single day. Throughout my college years I gained access to a wide variety of teachers and dove deeply into the physical and philosophical study of the ancient art of yoga. I completed my 200 YTT in 2014 in Power Vinyasa. I began my 500 YTT through Asheville Yoga Center in 2018 where I have had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of various styles of yoga. My approach has developed to focus on the therapeutic benefits of yoga. My classes incorporate deep breathing, strength-building, increasing balance and flexibility.

          Jordan Morgan

          Office manager


            Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

            Certification: NESTA Group Fitness 2019, Currently working on NESTA Personal Training 

            Favorite Exercise: HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

            My Husband and I moved to Clayton in December of 2017, from Fort Worth, Texas. I have been exposed to more outdoor activities since our move and it has inspired me to get back into fitness. I played volleyball and danced competitively for years when I was younger. After I graduated highschool I didn’t have as much time to exercise and in 2016 I gave birth to my son,  River...let’s just say that I started to feel the effects. I met Elisa and came to a few classes and loved it. I started working in the office and fell more in love with the Studio and group fitness. I decided to get my Group Fitness Certification and completed it in November of 2019. I have decided to go deeper and work toward my Personal Training Certification. I have found a skill that I am passionate about and I love helping others so I anticipate all good things going forward.